Under the same sun is an ongoing travel log which you can follow on our travel and lifestyle blog Meet You at the Bridge. The reports show the similarities and differences on what it means to be happy for women between the ages of 25 and 35 who hail from different cultures. Curiosity regarding this topic was born during our long search for the ultimate life. For us, that entails traveling the globe and making a living out of it. In order to get here, we’ve worn out quite a few jobs. We even visited a psychologist and a life coach. Over that last few years we’ve discussed questions such as ‘is this really it?’ and ‘what is it that truly makes me happy’ at length. Often while enjoying a good glass of wine.

How do other women of our age experience this? Do they live their dream as well? Or is that made impossible by certain circumstances? What does happiness look like for them? We notice that, especially women in our friend group and age range have a certain ‘unrest’ about them. We want a career, to travel the world, a big group of friends, a nice man, to be the ideal partner, become mothers, to keep improving yourself, but we also want to be at parties until 05:00 AM. We set the bar pretty high, and when you reach that bar, do you experience true happiness? Or are you just worn out?

We’re 28 and 29 years old now, and we have decided to step out of our comfort zones and meet adventure head on. Our passions have merged together in our concept of Meet You at the Bridge. The fact that we were able to take this step makes us so intensely happy, that we would like to tell the entire world, even though the choice to do so was a quite obvious one. And we wonder why we didn’t thought of it before.

Under the Same Sun will be the common thread during our travels and is part of our regular columns on our blog. With this photo report, we would like to give western women and ourselves a broader scope as to what happiness is and could be.

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