Roberto one day had a vision during meditation that he had to go to Tulum. He packed his bags, left his home town Mexico city and set up Restaurare, one of our favorite vegan restaurants in Tulum. Roberto has been living in Tulum for six years and has seen the sleepy hippie town it once use to be change to a boho-chic escape with expensive resorts all along the beach . But if you know where to go, you’ll still find the authentic Tulum vibe.

Tulum Local

What is your favorite area in Tulum?
Everybody is in Tulum for the beautiful beaches. The public beach at the side of the ruins still has a cool vibe. You’ll find yourself among Mayan families, people playing volleyball and local fishermen. But there are definitely some pristine spots left. Sian Ka’an is one of them. It’s a natural preserve where you can be naked all by yourself. If you pay good attention while cycling there you’ll see two entrances to secret, quiet cenotes.

Where do you go out to eat frequently?
To Eufemia, it’s a place at the beach where all the locals and expats go. You always see friendly faces here. They have good tacos and a loooong happy hour! In town Burrito Amor has the best vegan burritos.

Where do you go for drinks?
In the weekend I meet up with friends at Casa Jaguar, they have fine drinks and a cozy, living room atmosphere.

What would you recommend to friends when visiting Tulum?
Definitely go visit the Ka’an Luum lagoon. It’s a Pinterest perfect picture. The clay on the bottom of the lagoon you can use as a spa treatment and the fish that swim there eat your dead skin. On weekdays you will be there by yourself. For a more adventurous experience I would advice friends to visit Coba. There are some of the last beautiful overgrown Maya ruins, which you can still climb. On top of the ruins you’ll have a stunning view over the surrounding jungle. You can also find my absolute favorite cenote, it’s full of stalagmites and stalactites and the water has a picture perfect reflection.

What is your favorite shop in Tulum?
I love to get my super foods at Co.ConAmor.

Tulum Local

Where do you meet your friends for coffee?
Ki’book in pueblo has the best coffee in town. I actually don’t drink coffee but always have an iced green tea. If I am up for some more energy I visit Raw Love for a reishi mushroom shake.

Which hotel would you book for a friend from out of town?
I would suggest Ahau, they are right at the beach, are not so pretentious and have a sustainable and conscious management. Nomade is a nice new one with a nicely done hippie style and a delicious holistic vegan menu.

What would you miss the most about Tulum if you would leave?
I would miss the people. The Tulum community is what keeps me here. Everyone is super helpful, open-minded and relaxed.