Meet the travelers on the Trans Mongolian/Siberian Railway we visited in their cabin during the first part of our train ride. In exchange for stroopwafels (a typical Dutch treat) they shared with us why they took this train and what certain not to mis on board.

Dimitri & Max
‘Bring vodka’

Trans Mongolian Railway

Our French roomies, from Paris. After graduation, these best friends decided to travel the world and booked a world ticket. The Trans Mongolian Railway is the start af their journey. After Beijing they fly to Delhi, Katmandu, Bangkok, Tokyo, Manilla, Sydney, Santiago, Lima, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paolo and Los Angeles.

Igor & Sergei
‘I love Poetin and Russia’

Trans Mongolian Railway

Trans Mongolian Railway

Our Russian neighbours welcome us with beer and vodka in their cabin. With help from a point it book and sign language  we figure out they are on their way back home. They work in Moscow. Every week they take this train from Kirov to Moscow and back.

‘Bring something to eat or drink, which you can share’

Trans Mongolian Railway

The only Dutch girl we met on the train. As a secretary on the road she travels the world over land. In Amsterdam she took the train to Russia. She didn’t plan a thing, her trip might be for two years, or longer. Who knows ?

‘ In France many people dream of taking the Trans Mongolian Express’

Trans Mongolian Railway

A Parisian girl who always wanted to take the Tran Mongolian Express. After final stop, Ulaanbaatar,  she goes back to her boyfriend in Paris.

Jacqueline, Barbara, Shirley and anoniem
‘You can always go to Beijing, but who the hell would go to Vladivostok? I can’t even pronounce it.’


Tran Mongolian Railway

Four friends from the U.S.A. traveling together to Vladivostok. The Trans Siberian Railway was a real bucket list. Jacqueline and anonymus are from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. After Vladivostok they go back to Philly. Barbara and Shirley from Mississippi go further by ferry to South Korea and Japan. The ladies have one advise: ‘Don’t bring so many clothes, because you wont wear them in the train. Bring body wipes!’.