Al lives for eight years in San Cristóbal and knows all the right places. He works together with his mom in their shop El Porvenir, where they sell homemade granola, super foods and hippy style jewelry. Products that perfectly match with the inhabitants and most tourists in San Cristóbal

What is your favorite area in San Cristóbal?
I love to be around the center area, just to have a walk or a coffee and watch people go by and to have a drink and talk. El Mezcalito is a good place to get to know new people, the bar attracts a mix of open locals and foreign people.

Where do you go out to eat frequently?
Mostly I go to local places, they all have a good price quality rate. Definitely try out these typical Mexican dishes for lunch el caldero pozole, it’s a soup with meat and vegetables and chilaquiles; tortillas and vegetables cut and mixed with red or green sauce.

Where do you go for drinks?
El Cau or ll Viña de Bacco both have cheap drinks, good wines and a nice atmosphere. If I want to dance I go to the Revolution bar for salsa on Tuesdays.

What would you recommend to friends when visiting Tulum?
We start of the day with a yoga lessons in one of the many yoga schools that are settled in the center of town. Once we are awake we have breakfast and a local coffee in the main street of San Cristóbal Real de Guadalupe. We wander around the center and I will show them the points of interest, the Guadeloupe church, Iglesia del Cerrito, the amber museum and my favorite viewpoint La Merced good. For lunch we escape the city buzz and go to Las Canastas to pick nick, it’s a place out of the city in the nature. The landscape is beautiful and it is a good place to relax and to hike. For dinner we go for a fine Mexican dish to La Pizca de Canela and we close the day with drinks and dancing at the Revolution Bar. 

Where do you meet your friends for coffee?
Libre Café has a chilled atmosphere and the best coffee and cakes in town. A bit more mainstream and touristy but also very good coffee is Café Carajillo.

Which hotel would you book for a friend from out of town?
I would advice my friends to rent an Airbnb, Rocio a friend of our family has a good option.

What would you miss the most about San Cristóbal if you would leave? The open-minded vibe. In San Cristóbal you have the freedom to be completely yourself without anyone judging. Everyone looks different and is accepted the way they are. I love that there are so many different cultures living all in harmony.