Meet the travelers on the Trans Mongolian Railway we visited in their cabin during the final part of our train ride, from Ulaanbaatar (Mongolia) to Beijing (China). While enjoying our stroopwafels (a typical Dutch treat) they shared with us why they took the Trans Mongolian Railway and which item not to mis on board.

Eva & Reeta
‘The Russians are so polite and share everything, so bring something to eat from home to share’

Trans Mongolian Railway

These two Finnish friends know each other from university and wanted to skip a half year. Taking the Trans Mongolian Railway has been Eva’s dream for a long time. From Helsinki they flew to Moscow to start the train journey to Beijing with a stop over at Perm, Irkutsk and Ulaanbaatar. After Beijing they fly to Taiwan and Bali and will be back home in Helsinki for Christmas.

Eduardo & Gorge
‘On board you meet real Russian, Mongolian and Chinese people’

Trans Mongolian Railway

These friends from Chili know each other from university. They both share a passion for traveling and decided to travel after graduation. Their beloved item on the railway is an e-reader. ‘I like to read books about the countries I am about to visit’. Both where surprised and amazed by Mongolia. ‘We have a desert in Chili, but the Gobi is five deserts in one. You see so many different landscapes, colors and animals. It was beautiful’.

‘When I was younger, I brought movies along, nowadays I am bussy working’

Trans Mongolian Railway

Solongo, our cabin roomy, lives in Ulaanbaatar. She has an appointment with furniture suppliers in Beijing. During the train ride she is bussy with her research, she is really happy about her job and enjoys her business trip to Beijing.

‘No pictures please’

A sweet lady with whom we shared our cabin. She grew up in a ger on the countryside of Mongolia. She is traveling to Beijing to buy Chinese souvenirs as a gift to her family. Because she is retired, she has enough time to take the train instead of the airplane. From out of her window she enjoys her view on different landscapes. Like all Mongolian people, Dyunaa can’t live without meat, she always brings a bag of oiled horse meat on the train.