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Interview with Cycling Update Magazine Taiwan on January 15, 2015

Taiwan cycling update

Taiwan Cycling update

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Exploring the world and chasing dreams

Two Dutch bloggers are chasing their dreams by exploring the world. In 2015 they started their travel blog

”You only live once, you can choose to spend an ordinary life, but we decided to follow our heart and leave everything behind to explore the world”.

The evening falls when the two girls are carrying a large backpack and stand in front of a guesthouse in Taichung still looking for a place to sleep. Sometimes in the morning they still don’t know where they end up at night.

In the beginning of 2015 Iris (28) and Leslie (29) still had a stable life. During summer they gave up rent and sold almost all their possessions to start living freely as a digital nomad. Without having an end date in mind they started their journey in September 2015. They slow traveled by train from Russia to Mongolia and China. From Shanghai the flew to Japan and by the end of November they arrived in Taiwan. Sponsored by Merida bikes Iris & Leslie travelled six weeks clockwise from Hualien to Tainan and from Taitung back to Hualien again by bike.

Many people travel to relax after weeks or months of hard working. By taking a few days off and visit some tourist attractions they try to forget about their daily chores. But one short trip once or twice a year is not nearly enough to visit all the beautiful places the world has to offer. Although Iris & Leslie have a happy life in their hometown with family and friends, they are eager to explore more of the world. ”You only live once and the world is to big and interesting to stay in one place” says Leslie. Curiosity about different cultures, people and nature made them choose for the unfamiliar instead of the daily routine and living in their comfort zone. It took a few years and jobs to come to this realization. Both came to a point in life where they wanted to commit to their passions instead of someone else’s. Both have been traveling before and experienced living in other countries. Still eager to travel Iris and Leslie started thinking about making a living out of it. The idea of starting a travel blog was born. With a passion for writing (Leslie ) and photography (Iris) creating their own blog turned out to be the best idea ever. ”If you really want to, you can make it happen”, says Iris. They write stories and travel tips about the alternative places they visit, interview the native people they meet, give exposure to small green projects and encourage people to chase their dreams. But, if your looking for the best rooftop cocktail bar or an infinity pool hotel, you will also find what you’re looking for on

Iris: ”Taiwan is a cycling paradise. Before I came to Taiwan, I only knew Taiwan from ”Made in Taiwan”. Most mobiles, computers, tv screens and even bicycles were during the nineties produced in Taiwan. I never knew Taiwan was such a beautiful island. When we arrived in Hualien we found out that Taiwan is a great place to bicycle and cycled the rest of the country.”

Iris & Leslie approached Merida bikes to collaborate with them. By writing articles about their cycling experience on the website Iris & Leslie show the rest of the world the still undiscovered beauty of Taiwan. Not many people are aware of the fact that you can cycle almost around the whole island. Especially for Dutch people who like to cycle, Taiwan is a great travel destination. On their Merida bicycles, Leslie and Iris cycled from Hualien to Taitung, Kenting, Sandimen, Tainan and back to Hualien again. Read their experiences on

”In the Netherlands we are used to cycle everyday, but cycling in Taiwan is different. Going up and down hill is more challenging. But after going uphill you always get rewarded with a sweet ride down combined with a stunning view on beautiful lush mountains. Thanks to Merida who supported us on the road we had the change to explore the whole island by bicycle, it’s been a great experience.” According to Leslie and Iris Taiwan will be the next upcoming travel destination in Asia. Their next destination is Indonesia, follow their journey on


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