Kay (29) is born and living in Bangkok. For his job as a TV host of Travel Channel Thailand he travelled his whole country. Currently he is travelling around as a photographer of design hotels and knows the best hidden gems for you!

What is your favorite spot in Thailand?
Koh Lipe is one of the few islands where it is still peaceful. It is not easy to reach and that is why not too many people travel there. But it is paradise on earth with its crystal clear Maldives like waters. You can sleep for 1000 – 15000 Baht in a fine 3 star hotel.

What would you recommend friends from another country to do in Thailand?
I would first recommend them to go to Chiang Mai and get familiar with the rich Thai culture. On every corner of the street in Chiang Mai’s old town you’ll find a glittering temple or palace. Nature is always just a 15 min bike ride away and the city is surrounded by stunning mountains. For a little history I recommend them to bring a visit to Ayuthaya, the old capital of Thailand. Here you’ll find one of the most beautiful temple complexes of the country. During there stay in Bangkok I would book my friends a hotel along the Chao Phraya River with a view on Wat Arun. Of course we go together to Koh Lipe for a few days tropical paradise!

What is your favorite waterfall?
In the Thi Lo Su in Tak Province in North West of Thailand is the biggest and highest waterfall of the country. The scenery almost looks like a painting and is picture perfect.

What is your favorite national park?
I love to go to Kanchanaburi in central Thailand. It’s the perfect spot to unwind from the chaos of Bangkok. You can canoe with mesmerizing views or cycle and hike. You can sleep in small traditional houses on the water. It’s the best to wake up in between nature and to dive into a fresh water lake first thing in the morning.

What is your favorite temple?
Wat Pha Sorn Kaew in Phetchabun. The temple is situated on a 830 meter high mountain peak set in a beautiful green valley surrounded by hills, waterfalls and lakes. Apart from the setting the temple has five big sitting Buddha statues for five times good luck.

What is je favorite beach?
The beaches of Koh Lipe and the white sand beach of Hat Sai Khao on Koh Chang.

What is your favorite Thai dish?
My absolute favorite dish is yam pla dook foo. It’s fried catfish in a spicy sweet and sour sauce, with mango salad and rice.

What is your favorite hotel?
Hotel Indigo at the Wireless road in Bangkok. It’s a boutique hotel central situated in Sukhomvit. I love the design interior; it is a combination of vintage and modern. Especially the infinity pool with a great view on Bangkok’s skyline is amazing. In Chiang Mai is Dhara Dheviin hotel my favorite. The hotel looks like a temple but is a six star hotel. Very traditional meets modern chique

What would you miss about Thailand if you where to leave?
The food.  It is unbelievable tasteful, various flavors, super cheap and you can find it anywhere, anytime. Excellent!

What is your favorite rooftop in Bangkok?
De Red Sky Bar on the top floor of the Central World shopping mall. The menu is 5000 Baht but definitely worth the money. It’s the best food I ate in Bangkok. Next to that I love to have a drink at Sala Rattanakosin’s rooftop, I love the view of all the temples and palaces surrounding the hotel.