Nienke is an artist, surf teacher and model living in The Hague’s industrial and creative area, The Binckhorst. Her paintings and new planned adventures are inspired by her dreams. This month she leaves for a three-month motorcycle road trip through the American West combined with her art project ”Days of Yonder”. She likes to go off the beaten path and knows the best alternative hidden gems in The Hague.

What is your favorite area in The Hague?
Scheveningen, because I am addicted to the ocean. In The Hague, I prefer the ambiance in the Zeeheldenkwartier. It’s a bit out of the center, less crowded and cozier. In this area you’ll find lots of nice vintage shops and good coffee spots.

Where did you have a great dinner recently?
Le Café at the Oude Molstraat is a cozy little bistro style restaurant serving traditional French dishes. Most of the time I go to alternative spots where I bring my own food. I like to picknick at the beach or in a park. I don’t go out for dinner often, but I am a big fan of going out for breakfast. BijClarence at the Piet Heinstraat has good coffee and home made food and Walter Benedict is the best place for poached eggs.

Where do you go for drinks?
Friday afternoon I usually drink a few beers on the beach with my colleagues from the surf school. In town, I go to the Grote Markt. It’s a square in the center of The Hague filled with bars and restaurants. There is something for everyone from old cafes to cocktail bars and live music venues. Cafe de Bieb, along the Veenkade, is one of my favorite bars. It has a lovely terrace along the quay that gives you the idea of sitting on a boat. The ambiance is relaxed, and it’s never too crowded.

What would you recommend to friends from another city when visiting Den Haag?
Go to the beach in Scheveningen and take surf lessons. I always prefer the calmer unknown places so I would suggest going to beach club ‘t Puntje. It’s situated amidst the dunes and is only reachable by bike (from the water tower of Scheveningen you can cycle into the dunes, ‘t Puntje is the first beach club on the left). Or beach club Zuid, situated at Zuiderstrand slag 11. Rent a boat at the Waterkant, bring a bottle of wine and chill out while floating on the water. There is also a park where you can lay down and an old bunker with a cafe. Have lunch at Walter Benedict or buy a sandwich at the cute authentic bakery ‘t Bakkertje. In the afternoon go to the Palace Garden, bring your own food and drinks or wander the streets in The Hague Hofkwartier filled with little shops.

For a little dance during summer, there is beach club Indigo and Natural. Both situated at Het Zwarte Pad in Scheveningen. If you are more into house music check out Whoosah. During winter I would suggest going to the Pip, there are often funny costume parties held. For jazzy nights go to the Gekke Geit. The bar has a super small stage with only a bass and piano, and there is always a good vibe!

Where would you recommend friends from another city to sleep?
At my favourite Airbnb address: Van Galenstraat 14M. It’s a super nice apartment situated in The Zeeheldenkwartier. Or go to ”Jorplace beach hostel” at the Keizerstraat in Scheveningen.

Is there a shop where you often go to?
Skate shop Manus sells cool street wear, but it’s only for men. I like to go shopping in the small streets around the Papestraat. It is filled with small boutiques, vintage shops and cafes.

Where do you meet your friends for coffee?
Meneer Chocola has great coffee and delicious cakes. Next to it is Cafe de Bayonne, besides coffee, they also serve great tapas.

What would you miss if you were to leave The Hague?
The very down to earth people. Everyone is open and relaxed and I like the authentic allure of The Hague.

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