Good Night Taiwan

Sweet dreams, enjoying your fresh book and wake up rested with good energy to start your day. A good hotel is super important to enjoy [...]

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Taiwan on a shoestring

Ihla Formosa- the beautiful isle- Taiwan is on its way to become a new populair travel destination. This tropical island has a beautiful diverse landscape [...]

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Hotspots Taipei

Taiwan's capital, Taipei, is a foodies heaven and rich of many (Michelin star) restaurants. No wonder that eating out is one of the great [...]

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Taipei, Taiwan’s foodies heaven

Taipei is our first introduction to undiscovered Taiwan. For many travelers the Asian metropool is just a stop over, but we spent our first and [...]

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Taiwan’s best roads; highway 11, 9 and 14

The most interesting roads to cycle in Taiwan. Not into cycling? The same goes up for driving a car, motorbike or hitch hiking. Highway No. 11 [...]

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Under the Same Sun: Ya Lin

'Sell your stocks when they are high'. Ya Lin (32) is a fun and determined Taiwanese woman who has been moving around since [...]

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10 Must do’s in Taipei

Taipei has an excellent fusion of Chinese, Japanese and Western influences in its food, culture, and architecture. The energetic city has some of the best [...]

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Local surf tips Taiwan

Mark a fun, easy going and energetic South African guy who went to Dulan one day and started a new life. He fell in love [...]

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Taiwan: Sun Moon Lake

Sun Moon Lake 日月潭; is the largest body of water in Taiwan. The east side of the lake resembles a sun and the west side [...]

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Dopper, Bridges, Borders – Taiwan

Na bijna vier maanden reizen staan we voor het eerst op het strand in Dulan, een artistiek Aboriginal dorpje in Oost-Taiwan. Wanneer we onze eerste [...]

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