About trees and tree houses – Portugal

Spending two months in Portugal on the `road´ gave us time to reflect. Actually, we did not see much road. What we did encounter were [...]

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A week with Surfana Surftrips

Waves in the sea come and go. Just like your thoughts and emotions. When you enter the sea, you loose track on time, you forget [...]

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Explore South Portugal; Sagres and Arrifana

Sagres is adventurous, desolated and the perfect playground for surf, yoga and hiking lovers. The small village is situated at the most western tip of the Algarve and has an [...]

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Sustainable yoga and surf retreat Tipi Valley

Experience a unique sustainable yoga and surf retreat, in a true sanctuary, embracing the simplicity of life. Move closer to nature, find stillness and get away [...]

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Lisbon City Guide

Cosmopolitan Lisbon once was the getaway city for many explorers to discover new lands, flavors and tastes from across the world. A fusion of all [...]

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Lisbon Local Tips // Bruno

Bruno is a fun and talented Brazilian photographer. He moved with his family to Lisbon and is enjoying the good life in the Portugese capital. Lisbon is [...]

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Road Trip Diaries Spain – Portugal

Endless Spanish golden wheatgrass landscapes and earth red sanded valleys interchange each other. The inland of Spain has many industrial cities, which don’t look to [...]

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