Few isles tempt the imagination with the lure of adventure quite like Sumatra. Compared to the more popular Bali and Java, Sumatra is less touristic and you still have the idea you’re among a few exploring the extraordinary beautiful island. The island is vibrating under the power of nature. Eruptions, earthquakes and tsunamis are Sumatran headline grabbers. The island is full of steaming volcanoes standing next to immense crater filled lakes. Hike for a week through wild life filled jungles with orangutans, tigers, rhinos and elephants. And refresh yourself under various gorgeous high rainforest falls. Down at the coast you’ll find idyllic deserted beaches with glorious reefs and colorful tropical fish in the North. On the other side are the Mentawai Islands bombarded by clear barrels of surf year round. As varied as the land, are the people of Sumatra. From the devoted Muslims in Aceh to the Batak Christians at Lake Toba and the Minangkabau around Padang.

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Being a true adventurista Sumatra’s playground was high on my list. But after visiting high-tech countries Japan and Taiwan, Sumatra was a little more challenging to find a proper connection. As well as to balance out going full time exploring deep into the jungle or on desolated islands without Wi-Fi, and keep the blog running. After a while the moist hot weather broke down both our laptops. One we could fix with support of the Indonesian Apple service centre number: 0800-1-027753
For the other one we had to go to Medan, where the only official mac dealer on Sumatra is. Sumatra’s capital is not a first choice to stay for many travellers. It’s true the city is chaotic, noisy and has super busy traffic. But there is some interesting colonial architecture and to work a couple days it’s actually great. I found no temptations and was focused all the way on finishing my always growing to do list. The apple store is next to 061Bistro where you can eat a delicious traditional Indonesian chocolate cheese banana pizza while waiting. Just a few meters down the street is Tip Top Restaurant, the place to be for a cosy outside dinner. During our stay we slept at Garuda Plaza Hotel. They had a good Wi-Fi connection a delicious breakfast buffet and in general a good price-quality rate. After two days working in the office of the hotel I got a phone call that my computer was fixed. Being a digital nomad I couldn’t be more happy to fly out to my next destination with all my precious digital memories of the past.