Zeven must do’s die je niet mag missen bij een bezoek aan China’s hoofdstad Beijing.

Wander around the Hútòngs
In the city center of Beijing are a lot of hútòng. The narrow alley’s sparkling of life are hundreds of years old. Next to the hyper modern high buildings and highways, you can experience authentic Chinese life in a hútòng. The streets are lined up with small houses often existing of only one or two floors. The doors are beautifully hand painted. Now and then there are small temples in between the houses and porches guarded by stone lions. If you walk underneath them you will be surprised to find peaceful, lush, green courtyards. At night the small streets are lit with distinguished red lanterns, painted with Chinese signs and you can buy good, cheap street food on every corner.

China Beijing

Cycling through the Forbidden City
It is the biggest palace complex in the world. Once upon a time emperors ruled the empire from the Forbidden City. Now a day it is a huge open-air museum. Rent a bike and go early to skip the biggest crowd and explore the city in just one morning.


China Beijing

Spend the night on the Great Wall of China.
See the sun set and rise from one of the seven new world wonders. Spend the night in a cosy tent and wander over the Great Wall alone. Not only will you shoot the best pictures, but it will also be an unforgettable experience. Book a trip at www.TheChinaGuide.com

De Chinese Muur Beijing


798 Art District Beijing
798 Art District is an old factory terrain in the Dashanzi area. Beginning 2002 a huge part of the old factory buildings have been taken over by cultural organisations. The factories are now used as galleries, museums, artist studios, exposition space, restaurants and bars. A stroll through the district is a definite recommendation. There is a young & hip Chinese crowd passing you by and on every corner is more interesting street art and eccentric sculptures to see.


798 Art District Beijing

Lama Temple
Bring a visit to the Lama Temple. This exquisite Tibetan temple and monastery is one of the most beautiful temple I have ever seen. If you only have time to visit one temple in Beijing choose the Lama Temple. Chinese dragons on the roofs, Tibetan prayer mills, colourful decoration, huge golden Buddha’s and thick incense fog.


China Beijing

Rooftop Migas
I love to have a drink and dance on a rooftop. The ultimate summer vibe you get from being out until midnight, chatting and laughing with friends, a priceless view over a skyline from a (new to discover) city and the height give me butterflies in my stomach. Recognizable? Then you can’t leave Beijing without visiting Migas!

migas Beijing China

Tai Chi lesson
Eager to escape the city buzz after a couple days in Bejing? Get up ‘round six one morning and walk to the nearest park. Big chance there is a Tai Chi lesson being given. Tai Chi means supreme ultimate and refers to the philosophy of Yin and Yang. Join the locals for an hour and start your day zen and balanced out.