Six delicious restaurants in Ulaanbaatar. Not only traditional Mongolian food, you will eat enough of that outside of Ulaanbaatar, but different kinds of food served with a lot of veggies!

All good stories are love stories. This one is about a talented Indian home cook, who moved for love to Mongolia. He missed his beloved Indian food and decided to open an Indian restaurant. We eat delicious fish pakora, saag paneer and chicken curry. Namaste is a traditional Indian restaurant, colourful designed, employees dressed in sari’s, we feel like being in India already. Currently Namaste has three establishments in Ulaanbaatar, visit definitely at least one of them!

Address: Sansar district inside Flower Hotel | Chingeltei district, Khoroo-5 Opposite side of Geser Sum, Margad Center Second floor


Luna Blanca
An amazing vegan / vegetarian restaurant. As in Ulaanbaatar even meat lovers might find their new love for fresh salads and vegetarian food. Luna Blanca has great food, perfect service and a great value for money. 

Address: ‪16 Tourist Street Fpmt Buddhist Center 1st Floor | Chingeltei District


Revolution Restaurant & Pub
Revolution has two establishments, a restaurant and a pub. The restaurant has a broadly Western/Asian menu. On the menu are a tasteful (healthy) Russian Borsch soup and a delicious Thai curry. The nearby pub has a homely atmosphere and is a perfect spot to meet other travellers.

Address: Beatles Sq.


Dehli Darbar
Yes we love Indian food! Dehli Darbar has great wines, a broad menu and a nice view at Beatles Square. In the restaurant are three typical Indian tents. Here you can sit privately the whole evening with your lover to try all the delicious food and dips. After spending two weeks in North Mongolia and Gobi, we especially loved all the vegetarian dishes.

Address: Beatles Sq.


The Department Store
The Department Store, to take out cash, to buy gloves, to do groceries, to change money and to marvel at the view. On the top floor of the store is a food court. It doesn’t have a typical great atmosphere, but it does have a great view and good Mongolian food. If the weather is warm enough you can eat on the terrace and climb the fire stairs to the rooftop for one of the best views over Ulaanbaatar and the city’s surrounding hills.

Address: ‪Peace Avenue-57 | Sukhbaatar district


Turning Point café
A hip, Mongolian jazz café, situated on Beatles Square. Fine wine, great coffee (!) and a menu full of cocktails. In the back of the café you can sit the whole evening at the big island bar, to spot interesting locals and make new friends.

Address: ‪Sukhbaatar District, Khoroo 4, Tserendorj Street, Ulaanbaatar Khoroo 4


Ulaanbaatar Restaurants

Ulaanbaatar Restaurants