‘Happiness is not a destination, it is a state of mind’

Under the same sun Moscow

-In Dutch soon-

Yuliya (27 years old), is a positive woman who grew up near the border with Kazakhstan. Now she is living in Russia’s metropole Moscow together with her husband.

What does happiness mean to you? 
Happiness to me is for example now. I love it when friends of friends come to me and I can show them around as if we are both tourists exploring the city. I’m happy when the sun is shining. I realize that happiness is not a destination it is a state of mind. I have read the book The Secret and I started to be able to control my mind. If I feel nervous or sad I change my thoughts.  Because our thoughts define our mood.

What is your background? 
I was born and grew up in Syzran, a small town in Samara Region on the bank of the Volga River in the South of Russia. I always had a close connection with my father and after his death in 2006 when I was 18 years old, I got interested in spirituality. I tried to find answers to questions as: ‘is there life after death?’ 

Ten years ago I moved to Moscow to study and a more exciting life. In Moscow the people are more intelligent, well travelled and more European because they have the money for it. I find it sad that in such a big country as Russia only Moscow is glowing. I finished a Bachelor in Journalism and a Marketing Master. During my studies I went to Brussels, for a minor. When I came back to Moscow, I met my husband and started settling down. We are now five years together, two of them married. 

Where do you stand in life?
A few years ago my husband and I both worked five days a week. Next to my work I also cleaned our house and cooked every night. In Russia it is normal women do these chores. During the week I was stressed and in the weekend I was always tired. I didn’t have energy to go out with my husband. I wasn’t happy at all. To have more quality time with my husband I decided to find a part time job close to my house. I work two days as a tutor. Currently I’m also working one day a week as a volunteer, at a hospital for children who have cancer. I’m really comfortable now with my life as it is. Only one thing is missing, I’m 27, and I would love to have a child in the near future. 

Where do you see yourself in ten years? Do you have a dream?
My dream is to be a mum. I would start a children’s day-care, so I can be around children all the time. I also would like to start studying psychology and one day I would like to live in the countryside. But for now it’s easier to stay here, in Moscow you can make more money than elsewhere in Russia. 

What advice would you give your younger self?
To save myself for my husband. I am sure that when you meet your soulmate you would like to be the only one and give all your love and energy to your him. 

When was your last moment of happiness?
Last week, together with my husband on our vacation at the Black sea coast. We had many happy moments together!