‘Thirty is a sexy age’

Krishni (29) is born and raised in Colombo. Since two years she lives with her boyfriend in Galle, a tropical and arty beach town in South Sri Lanka. After searching for herself in her twenties she is proud and happy to become thirty this year.

What is your background?
I was born in Colombo and raised in a Sinhalese family. My brother and I grew up with a lot of dogs and cats. My family takes care of many pets. School was never really my thing. Although when I was little I dreamed of becoming a lawyer, I wasn’t able to become one. I had difficulties with learning. I preferred to be creative and was interested in art and music. My parents always believed in me and gave me the freedom to do what I want. After primary school I started working at a kindergarten for a few years. Searching for myself I tried many different jobs and learned new skills by practice. I worked in sales and HR but I always new this wasn’t the job for me. After a few years I wanted to try new things and decided to move to another place. I moved to Galle and started working in a boutique hotel as a receptionist. Since two years I live here together with my boyfriend.

Where do you stand in life?
Most of my time I feel satisfied. When I was younger I sometimes felt regret about things I didn’t do. Nowadays I don’t feel I need as much excitement in my life to make me feel good. I’m really happy with my life as it is.

Are you familiar with the 30 years dilemma?
No, I feel really excited about turning thirty this year. Thirty is a sexy age. In your twenties you are still searching for yourself. You try out different jobs, go to parties, get drunk and fall in love with the wrong guy(s). I experienced some bad relationships I would never get myself into anymore. Thirty is an age of maturity. You know yourself and where you stand in life. I feel proud of becoming thirty soon.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Do you have a dream?
I have been working since a young age, now it is time to work less and do more of the things I love. First I want to travel more. When I come back I want to start my own hotel and set up a charity for cats and dogs.

What wise lesson did your parents teach you?
Be a good person and open your eyes to the animals around us who are suffering. There are a lot of street dogs in Sri Lanka. My grandmother thought us to give them love and take good care of them.

What advice would you give to your younger self?
Don’t date that guy and listen to your friends that he is a bad boy.

When was your last moment of happiness?
Last week I found a little dog that was sick. I tried to feed him, but he didn’t eat a thing. I felt very upset and called a dog clinic in Galle. I was happy when they came to take care of her and insured me that she would get better. 

What does happiness mean to you?
To see that people understand more of how the world really works. Ten years ago the majority of the people believed everything that was published in the media. Nowadays we have access to a lot of different trustable sources and don’t immediately believe anything we read. I believe the more knowledge we have the more chance there is we will live in a peaceful world. That makes me really happy.


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