Ihla Formosa- the beautiful isle- Taiwan is on its way to become a new populair travel destination. This tropical island has a beautiful diverse landscape of lush mountains, steep sea cliffs, marble gorges, tropical forest and rice paddies surrounded by palmtrees. Taipei, Taiwan’s buzzing, cosmopolitan capital is a foodies heaven and a cocktail lovers paradise.

Highlights Taiwan
East Coast National Scenic Area – This area has a beautiful scenery of lush mountains, a wild blue ocean, tropical flowers and steep sea cliffs. The funky small aboriginal villages like Dulan and Donghe a great spots to make a stop. Best way is to explore on your (motor-) bike on highway 11 or by car. Check out the best roads in Taiwan.

Sun Moon Lake – The largest body of water in Taiwan surrounded by a tropical forest. A perfect place for relaxing and outdoor activities. Avoid the crowded weekends.

Taipei – Taiwan’s capital is the upcoming cosmopolitan city of South East Asia. It’s a foodies heaven with many night markets, good (Michelin star) restaurants, cocktail bars and (drip-)coffee bars.

Sandimen– East of Pingtung, high in the mountains is a small aboriginal village. Striking landscapes, winding rivers and beautiful hidden waterfalls surround Sandimen.

Taroko Gorge – Taiwan’s foremost tourist destination with marble walled canyons, lush rainforest, majestic mountain peaks and crystal waterfalls.

Jia Le Shui – One of the best surfing mecca’s of Taiwan in Kenting National Park.
Lanyu – Home of the indigenous Tao people and an idyllic volcano island on the east side of Taiwan.

Best time to travel Taiwan
Taiwan has a subtropical monsoon climate with short mild winters and hot and humid summers. In the North it is several degrees colder than the tropical South. June to October is typhoon season, so the best time to travel to Taiwan is during fall when it’s a little colder and less rainfall. Try to avoid Chinese New Year (in between the end of January and beginning of February). During this time many stores and restaurants are clothed and accommodation prices are doubled.

Getting around
The best way to explore Taiwan is by (motor-) bicycle. The roads are good and the scenery is breath-taking. It’s safe, easy and fun to hitchhike. There is a High Speed Rail with airplane like comfort between Taipei and Kaohsiung. Outside Taipei and Kaohsiung buses are the only public transport.

Standard Chinese is the official language and most understood.

Travel documents
For the Dutch; you need a passport that is still valid for at least six months upon arrival. For a stay shorter than ninety days you won’t need a visa. We didn’t need to show a booked flight out of Taiwan, but it may be asked.

Taiwan has a great deal of budget to midrange and high-class accommodations, hotels, guesthouses and homestays. Many people use Couchsurfing and cyclists can use Warm Showers. This is a platform where you can connect with cyclists who offer their hospitality towards other touring cyclist.

Taiwan has no required vaccination. Hepatitis B is recommended and the country consists a higher chance of being infected with Dengue, Tuberculose and Japanese Encefalitis.

In Taiwan you pay with TWD (Taiwanese dollars). Check the up to date rate of the TWD here.

Time difference
Taiwan is 7 hours ahead of Holland.

In Taiwan you need a powerplug adaptor (Type A & B). Check it out here.

Fresh Water
You can’t drink water from the tap. Always check if the bottled water you buy is sealed.

Little bay (a secret idyllic bay) and Baishawan are our favourite white sand beaches in Kenting.

Before booking a ticket always check the up to date travel advice (Dutch).