A top ten of our most beautiful and special moments & blogposts of six months Meet You at the Bridge. What is your favorite?

10. Local Tips: Ale
Ale our first and favorite local tips. The hotspots of our beloved hometown according to the coolest bartender of Haarlem ;)!

Haarlem local tips

9. Dopper, Bridges, Borders; Lake Baikal
It is autumn in Central Russia and the hearth of Siberia. We visit beautiful, lost in time, rural villages and the biggest and deepest fresh water lake in the world.

Lake Baikal Russia

8. My first date with Tokyo
Tokyo a city with a passion for everything new and on the other hand a very interesting, mysterious, traditional culture. Six days in the weirdest capital of the world, a dream come true or a culture shock?

Tokyo Japan

7. Under the Same Sun: Ilse
Under the same sun is an ongoing travel log, which you can follow on our blog. The reports show the similarities and differences on what it means to be happy for women between the ages of 25 and 35 who hail from different cultures.
This is Ilse, a one of a kind strong woman, always in for a joke and a true beauty. Thank you so much for sharing your story, I love you and I am so proud of you, you inspire other women!

Under the Same Sun

6. The bicycle diaries Taiwan
Cycling around whole Taiwan we face exhausting cliff climbing, combined with jaw dropping vistas and sweet rides down. On the way we pass small aboriginal villages, the perfect rural homestay, endless trees of paradise, waterfalls & rainforest. Welcome to Taiwan!

Sun Moon Lake Taiwan

5. The Tsaatan, the last reindeer families in Northern Mongolia
Visiting one of the last 44 remaining Tsaatan families high in the snowed mountains of Northern Mongolia was a dream come true.

Mongolia Tsaatan

4. FILM: The Trans Mongolian Railway
An impression of life on board the Trans Mongolian Railway, the longest trainride on the planet, from Moscow to Beijing. This is a movie of our first few days on the train from Moscow to Irkutsk.

Trans Mongolian Railway Mongolia

3. A geisha in modern Japan
I am standing in front of a geisha. I have the same rush as standing in front of a pop star. Slightly nervous I ask her the question I always wondered about.

geisha kyoto

2. Abandoned Nara Dreamland
We felt so nervous and rushed by adrenaline jumping the fence in the soaking rain into Nara Dreamland. Walking alone through an empty abandoned theme park that has been taken over by nature felt both beautiful and creepy at the same time.

Nara Dreamland Japan abandoned

1. Today our hearts go out to Paris
For a moment on the beach in Taiwan we stood still. I wonder how my friends & family in Paris go on with their life after what happened on Friday November the 13th. A story from the hearth about Christmas in my beloved Paris.