After almost two months, a bit longer then I had in mind when I returned back in Holland, I am packing my bags again. Quite suddenly the moment of my departure is here, but it feels right. For the second ‘long’ trip of Meet You at the Bridge I am leaving without Leslie. We chose our separate ways, a decision that almost feels as a true breakup, which is also kind of funny. I am going to miss her good company, but sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together. It ain’t easy but I truly believe strength grows in moments like these when you think you can’t go on but you keep on going anyway. So this is it.

Everything is open; everything is possible which sound as a perfect start to me. I cracked my mind on where to go first; Israel, Mexico, Portugal and California where all on the list. Israel intrigues me the most, a culture and country full of interesting people, stories and images. Unfortunately October isn’t a good month to travel in Israel due to a lot of public holidays. So my first choice has to wait for a bit.
A couple days ago one of my closest friends bought a campervan and planned to drive to the South of Portugal next week. The moment I heard about her plans it all fell into place. Two friends, one camper van, five days, two surfboards, summer hits ;) and a 2800 kilometre road trip. A solid plan, so Portugal it is, we’ll see where it goes from there. I just try to design a life I love. I believe if you follow your passion, have a bright, positive energy and work your ass off almost anything goes.

So my last few days in Holland I am meeting up with my intern (yay!) and for the time being new sidekick Emma. I couldn’t be more happy with her! Starting this new trip I’ll try to get into Instagram Stories, to give you a little behind the scenes sneak peak. I practiced my photography, read books from like minded kick-ass travel kids, had meetings and brainstorms with inspirational creatives, I re-wrote my business plan, I am full of energy and truly aware that the best lies in front of me.

Hasta la vista baby!