Ale, the hotest barman at Brasserie van Beinum, gives us his ‘insider’ tips about Haarlem.

What shouldn’t you miss out on when visiting Haarlem?
De Vijfhoek. It’s a nice neighbourhood with a great atmosphere and nice bars and vintage shops. In the Breestraat you’ll find Brick, a restaurant where I eat regularly. During the summer you’ll be able to find me at Ubuntu in Zandvoort or Woodstock at Bloemendaal beach.

Where have you gone out to eat recently?
At Tent 6 in Zandvoort. The former chef of Café Colette cooks there now. It’s nice and quiet there and the food is good, a solid recommendation.

Where do you go for drinks?
De Druif in the Lange Veerstraat. It’s a café with a great atmosphere to have some ‘old-fashioned’ beers. Usually I’m one of the youngest people in there. When I feel like dancing I go to Woodstock.

What would you recommend to friends from another city?
Rent a small boat and take it around Haarlem. That way you get a different view of the city. When hungry, dock at Stadstrand Oerkap to eat a pizza.

Is there a specific shop in Haarlem you frequent?
There’s a shop called The Irrational Library on the Doelenstraat in the Vijfhoek. It’s always a surprise what you find there.

Where do you meet your friends for coffee?
At Dodici in the Smedestraat to sit on the terrace. Or the Espresso Lounge in the Kleine Houtstraat for a coffee to go.

Which hotel would you book for a friend from out of town?
I would recommend using Airbnb. Haarlem has a great number of apartments which are both affordable and centrally located.

What would you miss if you were to leave Haarlem?
The fact that it’s like a village. People still great each other here. It gives it a personal touch.

Why Brasserie van Beinum?
There’s an honest cost-quality ratio here. We have delicious hamburgers, a nice terrace, and a revolving group of DJ’s. People that are frequent at van Beinum on the Klokhuisplein are relaxed and diverse: they vary from corporate to scruffy musicians.