Some see things as they are and say why. I dream things that never were and say why not“.

My body is covered with goosebumps. We wave one more time to each other, Steph shouts aiaiaiaiai out of the car window I laugh and scream arriba arriba and then they’re gone. Leslie looks at me with tears in her eyes, we hug, it’s just us again.

Change is the only constant factor
I once worked in an office, five days a week from nine till seven. During the weekends I had fun and partied with my friends. I remember going on a vacation to the Philippines at that time. I never forgot about it, but I fell in love all over again with travelling. I felt a kind of energy, maybe butterflies I didn’t feel at home. I wanted to ditch my flight back and stay, but I had to live up to the responsibilities of my job and flew back. I think at that moment I realized I wanted a different life.

Explore is my keyword.
For me it’s what life is all about. Pack your bags and set out into the world. Go to places that people have never heard of. Live with only the essentials you need. Sleep in tents, in homestays, on boats, in the jungle and on the beach. Meet indigenous, secluded tribes to learn about their culture, their history, their background and their ways of living. Fall in love. Feel the earth underneath your bare feet and find deep-sea treasures. Dance under the full moon and conquer mountains. Get lost in a country, wander through endless labyrinths of old streets, eat at local food markets and experience new things, every day. Wake up at 05:30 to see the most perfect sunrise, work in an office with a cool sea breeze and waving palm trees in front of you. Get to know new cosmopolitan cities as the back of your hand, discover the best rooftops and hidden gems. Zip local coffee, visit rural vineyards and learn to make the best possible curry. Feel connected with people from different cultures; learn a foreign language or two. Develop yourself into the best version you can be, see things you could never have possibly imagined and try things you’ve only dreamed of. Understand a bit more of the world we live in by experience. Realize that the time is now and that a Monday can feel just as good as a Friday.

For the last five months I’ve felt what it’s like to live your dream and do every day what I’ve always wanted. I’ve seen the sneak preview and I am hungry for more. This is it. My friends visiting us in Sri Lanka meant the world to me and filled me up with the best sparkling, positive energy I needed to rock on this dream journey.