Lake Baikal, a lost in time fairy tale

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We rijden al bijna een uur door het bos richting Listvyanka. Over een weg die meer op een reuze achtbaan lijkt. Het is 08:30 in [...]

PHOTOGRAPHY: Reizigers in de Trans Mongolië Express

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Meet de reizigers aan boord van de Trans Mongolië/Siberië Express tijdens het eerste deel van onze treinreis. We zijn bij ze op visite geweest in [...]

De Trans Mongolian Railway part 1

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Thirty degrees displays the thermometer on the screen. Next to the departure times of the trains, it’s the only thing I can understand. It’s September [...]

FILM: Life on board the Trans Mongolian Railway

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An impression of life on board the Trans Mongolian Railway. These are our first few days on the train from Moskou to Irkutsk. [...]

Moscow, city of the rich and famous

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- In Dutch soon - The first city of our train journey on the Trans Mongolian Railway. We were curious about this overwhelming capital. It's [...]

Drinks & Dinner in St.Petersburg

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After passing by al these bridges and beautiful architecture in St.Petersburg, this is where you can sit down, relax, sip a glass of wine and [...]

St. Petersburg, Europe’s best destination

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It’s half September and off-season in St. Petersburg. With a backpack filled with winter clothes, for the rest of our trip on the Trans Mongolian [...]

Den Haag Local Tips // Thomas

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Thomas, ook wel Trobbies, is inspirerend kunstenaar op papier en de huid. Hij komt uit Haarlem, maar woont sinds vier jaar in Den Haag. De [...]

Local Dutch Surf tips // Lars

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-In English soon- Lars, komt uit Haarlem, woont in Amsterdam. Hij is oprichter en mede eigenaar van Surfana, ondernemer, surfer, inspirator en living the good [...]

Leiden local tips // Ramses

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-In English soon- Ramses, muzikant, levensgenieter, lolbroek en nummer één chef op Iens Haarlem voor de Lange Heer. Ramses is oorspronkelijk Haarlemmer, maar is zes jaar geleden [...]

Haarlem local tips // Ale

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Ale, the hotest barman at Brasserie van Beinum, gives us his ‘insider’ tips about Haarlem. What shouldn’t you miss out on when visiting Haarlem? De [...]

Abandoned Berlin

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Can we go? Can we? There’s no one coming? With burning curiosity the four of us secretly climb the fence around the Zombie hospital. After [...]

Berlin homestay

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During our trip to Berlin in April, we stayed at a beautiful, spacious apartment belonging to our good friends. Right in the middle of the [...]