Running back and forth in the Trans Mongolian Railway handing out mini stroopwafels and hanging out of the window to film every bit of the longest train journey on the planet. The beginning of our trip. It seems so far and yet so close. The past ten months I have been exactly who I want to be, chasing my passion, living with an open heart, bright eyes, doing and learning something new every day. It has been and still is my school of life learnt only by the practice of travel.

In a nutshell
An unbelievable hike across the roof of the world, working as extra’s in a Bollywood film, not buying new clothes for nine months, cycling around whole Taiwan and with trembling knees toasting at the highest rooftops with glittering city views, the world at our feet. Having goose bumps, pinching each other, laughing, and screaming of joy when we arrived at Koh Yao Noi, seriously hea-ven on earth! Living in some of the most beautiful places on this planet has turned me into a morning person, getting happily up at 06:00 three times a week is not an exception. We met so many sparkling, free souls from inspiring women to exotic men. I am super grateful for the opportunities and trust that total strangers gave us to shine and build Meet You at the Bridge. Without you we wouldn’t be where we are today.

Travel often, eat well
After ten months I still feel disbelieve that this is my life now a days. That we created our dream job and it is actually working out. We go with the flow, live in the now. Today I have no idea where I am tomorrow. Today I actually do know exactly where I am tomorrow. After ten months in Asia we are leaving this continent and heading for Europe. London being our kick-off capital, we couldn’t feel more welcome as EU citizens!

It feels contradictory to leave Asia. Business goes well and I feel we are not done here yet. But will it ever? I have never been good at leaving and letting go. So Asia for now an open end and we share the same sky until we meet again!

Home is whenever I’m with you
I am so nervous to go back to Europe, to go home. Europe feels as an ultimate test for our company and we are so eager to shine and succeed. The pressure is definitely on. But seeing the progression we’ve made in the past ten months I believe more then ever in Meet You at the Bridge.

Summer in Holland, my favourite season, of course I can’t totally miss out on this. During long bus rides and hikes I think of past summers and small moments, of cycling tipsy downhill at the Zeeweg, after a long beach day at Bloemendaal aan Zee. A warm sea breeze through our hairs, the dark contours of the dunes against the glowing horizon. Chatting, laughing and making plans for nightly adventures with the best of the best. Small moments like these make my heart skip a beat. For these small moments I want to be home for one, maybe two months.

And then? Israel, The Upper Antelope Canyon, Kilimanjaro, Mexico and Cappadocia are all super high on the wish list. But first things first. Europe, see you tomorrow, goose bumps all over!