Mérida vintage vibes

Experience Mérida’s vintage city vibes. Get yourself a panama hat and saunter across the busy squares, the colorful heritage buildings with lush courtyards, the many art galleries [...]

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Hotspots Tulum

Spiritual and tropical Tulum has a wide arrange of hotspots. From unique vegan and raw cuisines to the best fresh burritos and fine sea front [...]

By | November 24th, 2016|Categories: Hotspots, Mexico, North-America, Restaurants|

Lisbon City Guide

Cosmopolitan Lisbon once was the getaway city for many explorers to discover new lands, flavors and tastes from across the world. A fusion of all [...]

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Top Tables in Bangkok

Bangkok is famous for its best street food in the world, but as the city modernizes, the dining scene is growing up too. The [...]

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