Undiscovered Thai islands Koh Yao Noi and Koh Yao Yai

Does it still exist in Thailand? Pure island life as it was meant to be? Day after day endlessly lounging in your hammock, meanwhile you’ll zip [...]

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Rajasthan Diaries: Jodhpur

It is 9PM; the temperature has finally dropped down to 35 degrees. We are the only tourists on the platform of Old Delhi station waiting [...]

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10 must do’s in Bangkok

Do you know your way around Khao San Road too well? Bangkok is one of the most diverse capitals of Asia. Either you’re looking for [...]

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Hotels We Love: Chiang Mai

With its heritage aging back more than 700 years, Chiang Mai portraits much of Thailand's fascinating traditional architecture. Many interior designers used the Lanna [...]

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Dream Escape: Khao Sok National Park

Huge limestone mountains covered by green rainforest appear in the morning mist when we arrive in Khao Sok National Park. The stunning national park is [...]

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Jodhpur Blue City

Blue hour wandering, my first encounter with Rajasthan's Magic. Jodhpur The Blue City

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Welcome to my paradise: Six Senses Koh Yao Noi

‘We’re not just at a pool, we’re at the pool and killing it.’ Six Senses stars platinum indulging to the max. From the moment we [...]

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Thailand on a shoestring

Thailand, ''the land of smiles'' attract every year millions of tourists. There are many good reasons. The warm and friendly Thai people is one of [...]

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Hotspots Bangkok

Bangkok is well known for its fancy restaurants, glamorous rooftops and arty hipster cafe's. The vibrant city has many hotspots to choose from but [...]

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Sukhothai, the oldest temple complex in Thailand

From my back seat I gaze through the window of the bus we’re in. I see a first glimpse of the ancient temples behind the [...]

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