Tokyo is a city of huge contrasts, with a constant hunger for improvement and change; it has become the perfect stage of sensational madness unlike anywhere else in the world. What to do and definitely not to miss when visiting this energetic mega capital?

Hie Shrine
Is it Kyoto? Nope, we found the perfect, secret Torii for you, in the middle of Tokyo and without the Kyoto crowds. The Hie Shrine is in the Chiyoda area (main picture).

If you like people watching this is your place to go. Especially on Sunday Tokyo’s most fashionable youngsters walk around in the neighborhood dressed extravaganza, gothic, Lolita-chique.

Tokyo Japan

Sensōji Temple
The Sensōji Temple is one of Tokyo’s most popular and beautiful Buddhist temples situated in Asakusa. Visit early morning to skip the crowds or late evening to see the temple beautiful lit.

Tokyo Japan

Tokyo World Trade Center
For a great 360 view of the city from above and a great snap of the Tokyo Tower, bring a visit to the observation deck of the World Trade Centre located in Hamamatsuchō.

Tokyo Japan

Koishikawa Korakuen Garden
This is one of Tokyo’s oldest and most beautiful Japanese gardens. The garden is located in the Koishikawa district. Koishikawa Korakuen is especially gorgeous in late November and early December when the dozen maple trees around the ponds turn red, and during the cherry blossom season in spring.

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Shinjuku Golden Gai
This is a small area of Shinjuku district, famous for its nightlife. It is an area of narrow alleys, rowed up with the smallest bars in the world. Over 200 tiny bars and eateries are squeezed into Shinjuku Golden Gai area.

Tokyo Japan

Standing sushi bar
Do as the locals and eat at least once sushi in a standing sushi bar. Most are quite cheap and we ate the best sushi we have ever had in these bars.

Tokyo Japan

Yoyogi Park
Yoyogi Park is one of the biggest and most beautiful parks in Tokyo and is right next to the subway stop Harajuku. In the middle stands the Meiji Shrine, which is definitely worth a visit. After a few days concrete jungle this might be exactly the place you are looking for! 

Yoyogi park Tokyo Japan

Shibuya really is all craziness combined and Tokyo to the max. The area is packed with shops, restaurants and nightclubs, the busiest crossing in the world and endless neon signs.

Harajuku Tokyo Japan

Mount Fuji
Mount Fuji, the highest peak and symbol of Japan. You can visit the volcano from Tokyo in one day. You will have enough time to walk around in the surrounding villages, see the lakes and take some snaps during sunset, before catching the bus back. For more info check Mount Fuji.

Japan Mount Fuji


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